With an artist for a mother and art collectors for grandparents, Annie Walker O’Grady grew up surrounded by objects of interest and beauty. But for O’Grady, an art consultant and entrepreneur behind the Main Line’s newest design venture, WALKER art, the allure of a work of art does not stop with the piece itself. “Every painting tells a story,” says O’Grady “But there is also another story about how every piece of art makes its way into someone’s home. There is a reason that a piece works for that particular owner, in that home, and those personal stories are what make collecting so exciting. Nothing makes me happier than when someone comments on a piece, and I have a story to tell.”

With WALKER art, O’Grady will be a part of just that process: to develop stories that bring together artists and art enthusiasts, be they collectors with an ever-rotating gallery in their homes or first time purchasers of original art, looking to acquire something unique and personal. WALKER art represents emerging and established artists who work in a variety of media, with a focus on contemporary art, and it is O’Grady’s personal connection with the artists and their works that makes her perspective so valuable to her clients. “My goal is to help my clients enhance their homes with unique, interesting, one-of-a-kind works, many of which were created by smaller, regional, up-and-coming artists.”   

The right piece can elevate a room, provide inspiration for design and set a mood,. Through WALKER, O’Grady hopes to make the process of finding a special connection to art and an artist more accessible and comfortable. “Galleries can be intimidating,” she says, “but art shouldn’t be.” With works available at a variety of price points and to suit different personalities and tastes, O’Grady seeks to match her clients with art that speaks to them, allowing them to develop their own appreciation and to cultivate their own stories.

Annie Walker O'Grady works and resides outside of Philadelphia. Her artists and clients span the United States.